Since the establishment of this College in 1988 this LUTAN JHA COLLEGEhas passed through ups & downs. But one thing is vivid that our founder Late. Lutan Babawho is behind this Degree college at Nanour, has been the greatest pioneer and guardian of this locality (area) keeping broad vision in his mind he ordered his eldest son Mr. Basant Babu to start this college under the supervision of our present Principal Prof. Ravinder Nath Jha By God’s grace this college got its first affiliation in 1997. From the Geographical point of view, this LUTAN JHA COLLEGE, Nanour has been the centre of Education upto Graduation level for the down-trodden students Covering 25 Kms’, average around. Specially the poorest of the poor are getting degrees by now. Thanks to the villagers who just nodded in positive in the beginning. Since then the college has been flourishing from all corners. The Managing committee has always been supporting to the college staffs. So far, it is expected that thousands of students have passed and gotten their valuable Degrees and are also on different Government jobs, providing relief to their families. Thanks to the Donors who did give their costly lands for the Degree College. The founder Late. Lutan Baba who is no more, had loved this college heartily and the staffs are still remembering that great soul with tears in the eyes.

The selfless spirit on the part of the teaching & Non-teaching staffs also helped the college grow successively. Later on, some gracious people of the area also came forward and extended their full-support for the development of the college. It was the zest for spreading knowledge and learning that Late. Lutan Baba had, so is the result of this magnificent college. Around 25 kms’ students had been looking for a good degree college in the past.

Now the times have changed and students are in happy mood to have a fine educational centre. Now they feel redemption from ignorance and illiteracy. Really, this college is on the path of progress. Since the existence of this college, the sleeping-students did wake up, from their profound – sleeping and ran towards this college for quality education. Falling in he sub-division of Jhanjharpur Dist. Madhubani (Bihar). Now, we see here outer district students, such as – Saharsa, Madhepura and Supaul as this college is just at a distance of 4 kms’ west from N.H.-57. The College remembers the line of the great poet, Robert Frost, “I have miles to go before I sleep”.

The Chief objective of the college, since its inception, has been to shape the young minds with the urge for creativity, spirit of tolerance and scientific tamper. The college is situated in the Nanour Panchayat, Block Andhrathari and is just by state highway, that goes from Madhepur to Bhupatti. This college has got affiliation in Arts & Commerece, faculties upto Hons’ Standard, in 21 (Twenty One) subjects in social Science & humanities and all compulsory groups of Commerce.

Objectives of the college
The Chief objectives of the college are must for the students and their guardians. The most important fact is to develop their Excellency. The objectives are as follows :-

  1. To promote all types of best abilities and personalities
  2. To cultivate the importance of humanity in deteriorating society.
  3. To enhance their (students best wit 7 wisdom on all fronts.
  4. To make them understand about best conventional courses.
  5. To experience them about the challenging Time.

Vision of the College
Our college is committed to create extra-ordinary qualities among the students. We want that students should be trained as morally, intellectually and spiritually.   The main apparatus of the college is the stronghold character of the students. Our college is determined to boost up their morale so that they could understand the world in general and the society in particular. We want to develop their wit & wisdom so that they could face the toughest challenges that modern times are facing. It has been the main point of the college to promote them, experiencing the power of knowledge, Ocean like learning and best thought with dazzling instinct. Since the students are supposed to be the main tools of the college so this college wishes and does best efforts to enhance their skillness. We have to make them understand the impending dangers that the country and our society is facing – these days. Hard labour requires fine methodology.

The strategy of the college :-
The main and important factor about strategy is to be followed such as :-

  1. Achieving excellence in teaching
  2. Providing the best in education
  3. Inculcating human values
  4. Developing leadership qualities

Fostering  unflinching patriotism