Important Information related to University Exam.

  1. According to the Rules of L.N.M.U., Exam, Darbhanga, Students will have to pass Part-I&Part-II Exam for the Admission in Part-II and Part-III Which is necessary.
  2.  In every Part of  (Hons.) Exam 45% marks is necessary, In the Subsidiary Subject, Theoretical Paper need to get minimum 33%  Marks is must Like this is practical subjects 33% out of 100 Marks is must.
  3.  If any student does not get 45% marks in all the Hons subjects, he/she will have to appear again in all the inHons. Paperexamination and will have to obtain required works.

Some important Instructions for students.

  1. Mis-conduct or in human activities are not allowed in or outside of the college campus.
  2. Any type of drugs is completely banned.
  3. To damage college property, plucking flowers and writing on wall in not allowed.
  4. Gathering, Making noise and moving aimlessly in the campus is prohibited.
  5. Apart from Cycle stand to stand Cycle any where is not allowed
  6. To avoid the Orders of the Principal, is  unpardonable.
  7. To use unfair means in the examination is a heinous crime.
  8. To have always Identity card with every student is necessary.
  9. No Student can move or walk in front of Common Room.
  10. 75% attendance is necessary in the class.
  11. Information related to study and for necessary work meet or consult with your Department  Head.

Principal’s of College
Prof. Rabindra Nath Jha, Woking as Principal from 16.03.1990 till Today